Friday, March 19, 2010

U Make Me Wanna Bake..

Life seems to have come full circle. All through my childhood, I remember cakes having been baked at home in one of these round steel contraptions with a heating chord and a thermostat that we called "oven". That was way before the OTG (Oven - Toaster - Griller) and later the microwave (which may be many things, but an oven it sure is not) came along. I have heard a zillion times how for my first birthday a guitar shaped cake was created in just an oven such as this.

About 20 years later, my parents in a moment of misguided zeal to upgrade, did away with the oven and purchased their first OTG. The OTG disappeared too and along came the microwave.
A microwave, not an "oven" was one of my wedding gifts.

That was until cakes started to explode and souffles started to fly. It was then that I hunted every possible electrical shop for the long forgotten oven. Found this -

And it baked this -

It's a day of sweet nostalgia and baking triumphs!


  1. Don't you guys have proper ovens in your kitchens? How on earth would you make a roast dinner if you don't have one of them?

  2. :) Nope. Well, we don't roast or bake so much in our day to day cooking so most of the times our gas stoves are good enough.
    Besides, the proper ovens come as part of a "cooking range", which is gas stove and oven and chimney. Those are pricey, but I'm saving up.